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IEEE commented 4 Feb 2015 on the commercial gaps in the IoT marketplace. The list was pretty concerning. While IoT companies are busy developing innovative applications, the BSS/OSS systems just can’t provide what’s needed to monetize the opportunities they’re creating. Here’s what they saw:

Solving these gaps is the OneBill sweet spot. OneBill is helping players in the next generation economy (Internet of Things (IoT)/Cloud/Big Data) with a mission to ensure fast time to market of emerging products and services by offering transactional flexibility and channel enablement.

The pain-points revolve around inflexible billing solutions that can’t deliver complex IoT products to market, a need to partner effectively in offering market solutions and an ability to use data-driven pricing to maximize market opportunity and profits. OneBill’s solution supports all the supply-side requirements for product/bundling and pricing definition at new economy speed. Enhanced Partner Management, Self-Care and Data-Driven Analytics modules allow OneBill to enable the new economy to come to market.

In the new economy, speed is everything. OneBill’s solution connects partners across traditional boundaries to monetize the new economy: make services and solutions available more broadly and use big data to offer models for data-driven pricing. OneBill’s solution delivers a connected exchange for all players, with the foundation of a robust revenue management platform.
Our nimble, cloud-based, connected solution with accelerated time-to-market has:

With a proven product that can deliver revenue management from product definition through to cash in the bank, the OneBill solution offers subscriber managed custom bundling, data-driven price personalization and a channel exchange for many-to-many partners interactions that enable IoT/Cloud/Big Data benefits to be delivered to the marketplace – fast.
It’s a new and growing economy. We’ve carved out our niche.

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