What’s the conversation at IoT conferences

OneBill stopped by The Big Event: Thursday, April 23, 2015 – Bently Reserve, San Francisco to find out. Here’s what was covered:

  • Rich Morrow, Todd Greene

Rich Morrow takes us on a trip into the past, present, and future of IoT, and discusses the emerging trends he sees as a leading IoT analyst.
As CEO of PubNub, Todd Greene understands the risks and opportunities facing IoT engineering teams as they build groundbreaking technologies and grapple with unprecedented challenges. Join Todd for an in-depth review of emerging best practices and best-of-breed technology at each level of the IoT stack.
IoT Data Stream Network & Device Control
Leaders in the space of data stream network and device control discuss building and maintaining data stream networks to connect the coming billions of IoT devices.

  • Wendy Schott, VP Operations & Marketing, PubNub
  • Hugo Fiennes, CEO, Electric Imp
  • Guillermo Rauch, Creator, Socket.IO
  • Rajiv Singhal, Director Cloud & Product Management, Arrayent
  • Stephen Blum, CTO & Co-founder, PubNub
  • Chad Arimura, CEO & Co-founder, Iron.io

IoT Security Patterns

  • Mark Benson, CTO Exosite

The growth of IoT is occurring at an incredible rate, justly raising alarms about security and privacy issues as we become increasingly reliant on these intelligent, interconnected devices in our lives and businesses. How are we to protect billions of devices from attacks and intrusions that could compromise our personal privacy, public safety, or business viability?
Building an IoT solution involves securing sensors, devices, networks, cloud platforms, web applications, and mobile applications for diverse industries. This presentation examines the landscape of emerging security challenges posed by connected devices and offers a catalog of security deployment patterns that have been successfully used by some of the world’s most well known OEMs to deploy connected product fleets.
Bio: Mark Benson is CTO of Exosite where he sets the technical strategy and vision for the company to ensure it remains competitive in the rapidly-changing IoT marketplace. Mr. Benson frequently speaks at and writes for industry events, maintains Exosite’s intellectual-property portfolio, and works closely with the global sales force to support strategic customer and partner accounts. Prior to joining Exosite, Mr. Benson developed a strong track record of driving and realizing successful product strategies to meet the requirements of complex enterprises across multiple verticals (industrial, medical, consumer, defense) and functions (software, hardware, mechanical, industrial design, and UI/UX). Mr. Benson holds a master of science in software engineering from the University of Minnesota and a bachelor of science in computer science from Bethel University.
An open source, reference data infrastructure for IoT
Sujee Maniam
We are already in the era of ‘connected things’ — our mobile phones, computers, tablets and wearables sync and talk via ‘cloud’. It is not hard to imagine the next wave as more and more devices are connected (cars, thermostats …etc). This is what is called as ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).
IoT presents a lots of challenges; especially data coming in at high volume and high velocity — imagine billions of devices each sending readings every few seconds or minutes. All this data need to be analyzed pretty quickly. Plus we need to think about security, privacy and compliance.
In this talk we will present a reference architecture for IoT. We draw on industry’s best practices on Big Data including Lambda architecture patterns. Lambda architecture outlines generic, scalable and fault-tolerant data processing. We will illustrate a potential data pipeline and discuss how each stage might be implemented and technology choices at each stage. The talk will also highlight up and coming Big Data technologies that may play a key role in IoT infrastructures.
IoT Analytics & Stream Processing
Join a diverse selection of panelists as we discuss the server side of IoT and the intersection of IoT and big data.

  • Sunder Somasundaram, Practice Director, AT&T
  • Garghi Adhav, Director of Analytics, Cisco
  • Siddharth Kothari, CTO, Appbase
  • Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Director of Engineering, PubNub

Harnessing microservices and composable services for agility and scale in IoT applications

  • Chad Arimura, Iron.io

Fast-moving, agile organizations such as Netflix, Gilt and Untappd are embracing microservices as the new foundation for software development – a direct response to more costly and cumbersome monolithic approaches of the past. A composable services architecture breaks application development into discrete, logical tasks that are better suited for handling event-driven workloads within distributed cloud environments. The microservices approach yields:
Improved scalability through matching event loads to resource utilization
Increased agility with more flexible computing environments
Simplified migration from legacy architectures into more modern distributed infrastructures
This session will review the best practices for developers who must address the challenges of deploying and managing service-driven architectures for IoT and stream-oriented workloads.

  • Chad Arimura is the CEO/Co-Founder of Iron.io. Chad is an expert developer and cloud architect with over 10 years experience leading technology teams in high-growth startups. He combines his development and engineering expertise with his product marketing and sales experience to drive the Iron.io team to build the world’s best cloud infrastructure services.

Security as a Core Tenet of the IoT Stack
Join thought leaders in IoT security as they discuss best practices for securing your app at each layer of the IoT stack.

  • Paul Roberts, Editor, The Security Ledger
  • Todd Greene, CEO, PubNub
  • Ross Mason, Foudner & VP Product Strategy, MuleSoft
  • Mark Benson, CTO, Exosite

Building Community around your IoT Brand

  • Joshua Krammes

Community development leader and startup mentor Joshua Krammes of IBM’s SoftLayer Technologies will share the proven strategies of community building and development that will put you on the path from brand awareness to revenue. If you are a community manager or business development professional — you don’t want to miss this.
Streaming Big Data – Analytics & Triggers

  • Garghi Adhav, Dir. Analytics, Cisco

This session talks about Big Data stacks using the lambda Architecture that can do both Batch & Real-Time processing at line-rate. It will discuss how Streaming Analytics can be made more intelligent & scalable by adopting trigger & threshold based streaming. The triggers are deduced through Analyzing the streaming data and continually learn and refresh using new streaming data. It will also discuss how Cisco has built its Big Data & Analytics Platform and deals with large volume of Batch processing and real-time Streaming.
Challenges of Building an IoT Product Today
How do trends in IoT inform product decisions? Foudners of IoT product startups discuss how they conquer obstacles to success.

  • Chris Preimesberger, Editor, Features & Analysis at eWEEK
  • Jon McKay, Co-founder, Tessel
  • Dan Cregg, CTO, Insteon
  • Eric Norman, CEO, Cinder

Securing the Internet of Things: From Critical to Trivial and all Hackable

  • Guy AlLee, Intel

Soon 50 billion devices will be network connected. Virtually everything will be impacted by this coming tsunami And it will all be under attack. Security will make or break the Internet of Things over the long run. So what’s a developer to do? Doing nothing is not an option.
Guy AlLee of Intel Security will outline a framework for how to start thinking about securing IoT from the ground upward – how to start thinking about a product’s security framework when first thinking about the product itself.
–      What’s being done now with legal policy and network standards that may affect your future work
–      Why you need to consider end to end security before you design your product
–      Effective risk and threat assessment practices
–      How to utilize a design template that addresses security of the whole stack
Hardware Hacking for Software People

  • Ricky Robinett, Dev Evangelist, Twilio

In this talk we’ll take a dive into what the Internet of Things means for those of us that have grown up in a world of software.
Crowdfunding vs Venture
Picking the right investors is hard — picking the right investment medium is harder still! Do you trust the future of your IoT startup to venture capital, or thousands of customers? Is it an either/or decision? Successful crowdfunding entrepreneurs and seasoned VCs discuss the pros and cons of each approach.

  • Rich Morrow, Mobile/IoT Analyst
  • Eddie Lee, President and Co-Founder, Podo Labs
  • Atif Noori, CEO and Founder, Emberlight
  • Rachel Bennett, Director MarCom, Kinoma/Marvell Semiconductor

Cassandra and Aeris: IoT Pains, Gains, and Automobiles

  • Russell Spitzer & Drew Johnson

M2M / IoT service provider Aeris is able to process over 2B events a day on just 8 nodes using Apache Cassandra. Learn about how they leverage Cassandra’s strong availability and write performance to create a platform purpose-built for IoT applications. Following an overview of their use case we’ll do a short technical dive into the mechanics of Cassandra and learn how Cassandra provides the fault tolerance and linear scalability that is in the DNA of successful IoT companies. In addition, we’ll briefly present details about the open-source integration between Cassandra and Spark, built by DataStax, for a whole new set of tools for working with your Big Data.
10 Challenges of Securing IoT

  • Rohini Pandhi, PubNub

The next iteration of the Internet will enable every device and machine to be connected and communicate with each other in realtime. Driven by 50 billion IoT devices, the streaming requirements of this massive amount of data creates a need for a smarter, more secure network. In this talk, we will discuss the top 10 challenges of securing IoT communications and how PubNub is solving each one of those concerns.
Embedded Device Connectivity
IoT is nothing if devices can’t communicate. Join leaders in wireless connectivity and networks as they discuss best practices for embedded device connectivity.

  • Doron Sherman, Director of Business Development, PubNub
  • Kaivan Karimi, VP, GM of Wireless Solutions, Atmel
  • Mark Wright, Director of Product Management, Ayla Networks
  • Stephen Bryant, CTO, Telenor Connexion AB
  • Philip Lewer, Marketing Director, NXP

How do we scale the Internet of Things?

  • Ross Mason, Founder & VP Product Strategy, MuleSoft

Is the Internet of Things really here? How will we know? More and more things around us have sensors that passively collects information about people and activities, then this data is used by our apps on smartphones and tablets. Yet these things around us don’t yet feel like they are making a big impact. The challenge is all these things are still unconnected. You need to connect the applications, data, clouds, APIs, supply chains and partner ecosystems that make it possible for start ups and enterprises to deliver new business and consumer value. This talk examines what’s needed for a true IoT architecture and the first steps needed to unleash new possibilities…and a true IoT.
IoT Trends from an Investor Perspective
IoT venture capital veterans from Scale VP, Nexstar Partners, Volvo Group Venture Capital and Ericsson discuss the specific nature of IoT investing.

  • Andy Vitus, Partner, Scale VP
  • Jonas Landström, Investment Director, Volvo Group Venture Capital
  • Ketan Patel, Managing Director, NexStar Partners
  • Amit Chaturvedy, Head, IoT Investment Fund, Cisco Investments

Defining an Open Stack for IoT

  • Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation

For the Internet of Things to be successful it will need to be based on a core set of open standards and open source frameworks. The Eclipse IoT open source community is building an stack of open source technology that 1) implement the key IoT open standards, such as MQTT, CoAP, LWM2M, and 2) provide some key frameworks for building IoT gateways, home automation solutions, SCADA solutions and others.
This session will provide an introduction to the Eclispe Open Stack for IoT and discuss how developers can use it to build IoT solutions.
Industrial Internet using Big Data

  • Diwakar Kasibhotla & Samir Lad, Principal Architects, GE

” Industrial Internet is igniting the next big data revolution. Airline engines are generating millions of data points per second, power generators are sending sensor data at and communicating with each other, hospital equipment is sending patient data to medical specialist for immediate response.
We at GE are building the Industrial internet by processing all this machine sensor data on a big data platform.
In this session we will go over how the Big data infrastructure was setup. We will introduce the big data technology stack being used at GE.
After the infrastructure was built, we will deep dive into how the data was loaded into the big data platform.

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