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IaaS Billing: Unique Challenges and How a Robust Billing Platform Can Help

In today’s per-per-use age, IaaS businesses have been enjoying tremendous growth, thanks to their ability to offer computing, storage, and security services on-demand to those who need it. Since services can easily be scaled up or down based on unique needs, IaaS customers can meet their SLAs quickly and cost-effectively. IaaS also allows them to use multiple services concurrently, with different pricing and bundling options.

It is due to these capabilities that the IaaS market is expected to be worth $6.52 billion in 2021!

But despite IaaS making it extremely easy for organizations to run their business, those providing these services need to constantly come up with new business models and billing approaches to address the many challenges that come their way.

Unique Challenges in IaaS Billing

Businesses looking to enjoy the full potential of their IaaS services are well-aware of the different roadblocks that delay time-to-market and time-to-value. Offering new and modern service bundles, along with the option of mixing and matching different services and different billing cycles is a Herculean task.

Here are 5 unique challenges that constantly plague the IaaS industry, and how a robust billing platform can help to achieve success in a highly competitive IaaS market space.

The IaaS industry, although a revenue-generating industry, often struggles with many challenges that impact customer experience and loyalty. Scaling dynamic pricing models, enabling flexible rating, provisioning different services with set quotas, managing quotes, and tracking revenue are all complex tasks that need to be dealt with in a careful manner.

OneBill, a modern billing platform with features such as CPQ, Usage Rating Engine, automated Service Delivery Platform, e-approvals, and advanced reporting helps overcome all these challenges with ease while allowing IaaS businesses to drive their business forward through continuous subscription commitment.
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