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How VoIP Businesses Can Overcome CX Challenges Using Subscription Billing Automation

How VoIP Businesses Can Overcome CX Challenges Using Subscription Billing Automation

When was the last time you thought about automating your business solutions for the end users? As a VoIP business, have you considered converting your customers as subscribers to your recurring-use services and products?

To drive customer engagement, retain customer loyalty; a VoIP business typically faces challenges to have seamless interactions across the service desk, point of sale and purchase cart stages. VoIP businesses that are multifaceted and are looking to expand their businesses, face day to day challenges to improve consistency and regularity at all touch-points of business interaction.

According to ActiveCampaign’s 2022 CXA report, 109% of B2B companies that automated their business using customer experience automation, saw a double jump in their revenue and stronger customer experiences across their purchase journeys. Businesses are growing daily with the power of automation and are able to respond to the right customers at the right time. VoIP businesses of all sizes can save time, create loyal customers and improve their experience by having an intelligent billing software with an integrated shopping cart, service desk, and a self-help portal in place to manage the existing subscribers on auto-pilot, while they focus on new and upcoming prospects.

Three CX Challenges that VoIP Businesses can Solve Using Subscription Automation

1. Improve Cross-Selling and Up-Selling:

We all know that cross-selling and up-selling to VoIP users can be extremely difficult in such a competitive industry, where every other organization has lucrative offers to give to their customers. By focusing largely on the end-user experience while keeping your offerings consistent, can help save a lot of money by not giving out heavy discounts.

This is where subscription automation can help. Having to pay for usage based consumption, makes it very economical for users to renew their subscriptions and leaves scope for trying new products and services. A loyal user that renews a subscription regularly on monthly intervals, can be sent a quote for an upgraded price plan or an add-on product as a part of your upselling. Availability of a product on the product catalog that is similar, if not the same as what a subscriber requires, makes it easier for you to cross-sell products on-the-go. An automated and seamless procedure on the business front is what enables your end users on the purchase portal- to have an enhanced experience.

2. Improve Customer Retention and Reduce Churn:

Retaining customers can be a difficult task in this highly consumption-driven economy. Customers are constantly looking for subscriptions that can be easily canceled, paused or discontinued at any time.

An intelligent subscription billing software provides an interactive experience to a business by enabling a smart self-help portal for their customers, that is connected to the business end of the advanced billing platform. Studies show that VoIP businesses that adopted automated processes of subscription for their sales, witnessed a drastic jump in sales and higher customer retention. A self-help portal is a personalized assistant that allows your customer to manage their subscriptions, place an order, raise tickets for service or query, renew, cancel or pause a subscription, pay for the units consumed and adjust for arrears due. Here, a user’s purchase journey is totally redefined. The retention of customers onboarding for VoIP services is directly proportional to the experience delivered via the self-service portal.

Redundancy of Customer Interaction Delays:

Sometimes, it is not about the most affordable subscription, but simply about how well a user can manage that subscription with the company. A portal that can help customers directly address their issues to the business is very crucial.

Good customer experience can be ensured with the help of an advanced subscription automation software. The presence of advanced modules like a self-help portal or the availability to access a dynamic product catalog is what makes the end users highly dependent on the business for better delivery. Easy checkout of preferred price plans, ability to pause a subscription and pay for used days only are necessities. Managing customer interactions need not require constant presence of a support executive or an account manager when using an automated intelligent platform to manage the product purchase and renewal for the subscribers to onboard. Every touch-point in the purchase journey can be automated with subscriber self assistance, customized to sell your VoIP products the most efficient way.

Consistent customer experience for your VoIP business using subscription billing automation

How will subscribers purchase your products if you fail to deliver a consistent, streamlined experience? An example of inconsistency in terms of your VoIP business could be a delay in sales outreach for sharing a new quote to the lead or prospect, or to upsell an existing subscriber who is enjoying your services for a long term now.

The SDP module of the OneBill Software helps automate every order approval and its orchestration, making it a zero touch service and product delivery for your end subscriber. For a VoIP service like network connection and handset delivery, all steps between user onboarding and user activation are automated and orchestrated with LIVE updates for the end subscriber, using the OneBill Software.

Personalized customer experience is essential for a high performing business in the VoIP space, especially when it wants to expand its market size,capture and upsell more users with passing time. Rejigging the way you operate your VoIP sales can create a considerable change in your sales towards positivity. The consumption-based economy is now transforming faster than we thought, and it just might be the right time to think over and adapt to a lightning fast subscription automation model for your VOIP business and overcome the far-fetched CX challenges like never before. Learn more when you book your first demo with OneBill.

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