How to develop Channel Management as strategy for Unified communications

Agent Relationships

A UCaaS business often includes different kinds of channel partners. One such is the affiliate partner, who does not own the customer relationship but refers to service providers and earns commissions that should be managed by the billing system. There are the value-added resellers who own the customer relationships and sell services from the providers. This relationship could work on multiple revenue models each of which should also be managed by a billing system. The ability of the billing system to on-board service providers and resellers and handle multi-party settlement across various partners in the ecosystem is what makes it truly modern and the right fit in the new world of cloud enablement.

N-Tier Channel Management

Services like IoT involve multiple parties for delivery. From vendors and distributors to resellers, the technology service provider has to work within a comprehensive ecosystem and ensure that each party integrates with the whole in order to provide a seamless experience for the end customer. The question really is how to take monetization to the next level and help all providers in selling their offering. How do we apportion the revenue to all the parties involved in the ecosystem based on their offering and help automated settlement? Managing these relationships and ensuring smooth integration and functioning of multiple partners is likely to be impossible without a modern revenue management system capable of N tier channel management. Some service providers are reliant on channel partners to maximize their market opportunity, many of whom don’t have their own billing systems. So the provider needs a powerful system that can do the billing on behalf of those resellers as well.
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