California Law Protects Customers’ Right to UNSUBSCRIBE

Have you read the tweet of an irate customer who when called to cancel New York Times subscription was put on hold for fifteen minutes – twice?
You could be the victim of callous treatment of businesses that do not have proper means for a customer to unsubscribe.
California law protects customers’ right to unsubscribe
Read on to know the new laws that service providers need to follow to allow customers the rightto unsubscribe.
Starting on July 01, 2018, the California law has made favorable provisions for customers considering canceling subscription. The new law allows the customers to cancel a subscription if they do not wish to continue. Customers who have opted for automatic renewal or continuous service offers online can now cancel the services online.
The law is now a reality by California judiciary demanding the businesses to display a pre-written termination mail in noticeable and unambiguous terms that customers can use to request unsubscribe. Companies are now obliged to explain free trials clearly about the price to be charged after the trial. Companies also have to disclose how to cancel services before they pay. Making the law further customer friendly, businesses must provide subscribers to view his invoices and pay using an automated payment mechanism.
Customers are now poised for big relief because they will no longer be victims of incessant calls to vague customer service lines only to be put on hold for many precious minutes just to cancel magazine subscriptions or movie streaming.
This law applies to all companies in the US with paying customers in California, but generally applicable to customers worldwide for online services.
All is well at the customers’ end with this law!
Businesses or companies, on the other hand, do not have customer self-care portals that allow customers to simply log in and auto-renew or cancel their subscriptions. Pitiably true but many providers do not have an admin console even to cancel the services when customers request on hotlines. Processes are usually manual to disable the services in the back end. Call center costs to manage the subscription cancellation pile up for businesses. Having integrated billing and invoicing systems is a challenge looming large over business owners.
OneBill has developed a Self-care portal for your businesses that can be customized to suit your particular requirements. Self-care provides an option for customers to download all usage transactions linked to a specific invoice, and also, view and manage all their subscriptions. With OneBill’s Self-care portal in place, companies can offer a richer customer experience and empower customers to manage their account, thereby cut down on customer grievances.

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